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Add:Luoshe necessary area, Wuxi, Jiansu, China

Welcome to Wuxi Dingyi Heavy Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. makes the limited company to set up in the Wuxi Hui economic development zone Luoshe necessary area, south near the Beijing Hangzhou big canal, north depends on the Shanghai and Nanjing track line, 312 federal highways, 243 provincial roads and the Beijing to Shanghai high-speed railroad spread across, the transportation is convenient, the industry is developed, company area 18000 square meters, gross asset 95,000,000 Yuan.

The company has domestic and foreign first-class large-scale high, the essence, the sharp numerical control machine-finishing center, the biprism number reveals sets up the vehicle, the large-scale radial drill and so on the high tech equipment, the specialized production wind power generation equipment, loading and unloading mechanical, the large-scale engine bed and each kind of equipment manufacture and the processing, the quality level and the technical specification all achieves the domestic similar enterprise the advanced level.

The company machine-finishing technical force is abundant, the check-out facility advanced complete, the entire factory senior engineer, above the technician talented person and the technical college the school record staff occupies the company whole staffs 90%.

The company pays great attention to the product quality and the prestige, the attention quality and the high-quality service, can satisfy the different user, the different application request fully, the realization “the customer is supreme, improves continually   the quality policy, achieves the product payment qualified rate 100%, guarantees quality goal which the customer satisfies.The company through the IS09001 · 2008 standard management system, had England to touch enlightens the international authentication limited company to authenticate.

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