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     Our company is described as a high profile, aggressive buyer and marketer of cattle and bison.  We offer farm/ranch direct sales, internet sales and order buying services across Western Canada and the Western United States.

     For many years, people have purchased and/or marketed their cattle through the traditional method of auction markets or sale barns.  Results obtained using this method have been quite variable with sellers becoming price takers, not price makers.  We are moving to change that with direct farm/ranch sales and internet sales via TEAM.

     In a sale or auction barn setting you have to take what you get!  Even if you no sale the cattle or bison you have to pay a handling fee and incur direct trucking and associated costs, as well as indirect costs such as stress to you and your stock.  With selling your cattle direct there are no costs to the seller, other than brand inspection and beef checkoff.  If marketing your stock on TEAM you pay a competitive selling commission on cattle sold.  There are no fees charged on cattle that may not sell.

     In both methods the stock normally sell FOB your farm or ranch, so the buyer pays the freight.  Since your cattle are still on your pasture or in your corrals they have not experienced any stress, and are still gaining weight until the time they are rounded up for loading.

     We are licensed Livestock Dealers in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, & the Western USA.  We buy and sell all types of cattle, bison, and holsteins.

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